The entire cast of this wonderful production was very strong, including the warm, clearly enunciated singing of Ricardo Panela as Ory’s friend, Raimbaud.

                                                                                                                             ANN PINHEY, Haslemere Herald

(...) Ory's charade backed up by the support of his friend and co-conspirator Raimbaud, nimbly sung and acted by baritone Ricardo Panela.

                                                                                                                    MARGARET DAVIES, Opera Magazine

 Belcore (Ricardo Panela), who has turned up to make big bucks and to find a wife, boasted a round tone with good vibrato.

                                                                                                                                   SARAH REID, BachTrack.com

His brash rival Belcore was forcefully sung by Ricardo Panela in a baritone that would have filled a much larger space. A polished performance.

                                                                                                                     MARGARET DAVIES, Opera Magazine

Baritone Ricardo Panela’s Belcore was beguilingly sonorous.

STEPHEN WILMOT, londonist.com

For me, the show is stolen by Belcore (Ricardo Panela), cross bred between David Brent and Casanova.

OWEN WINEFELD, Plays to see.com

Ricardo Panela is mesmerising as Belcore.

DAVID RUMELLE, www.remotegoat.co.uk

 Panela used his reverberant baritone to relish Malatesta's plotting and his teamwork in duets was impeccable.


Rather impressively, Baglietto and Ricardo Panela as Doctor Malatesta sang the famous patter duet whilst pretending to box, a tour-de-force which came off brilliantly. Both were technically confident and conveyed the sheer joy of the brilliant music. Panela made a very fine, rather knowing Doctor Malatesta who seemed rather too fond of Norina himself. He was clearly having fun and conveyed this enjoyment in his vivid performance.

ROBERT HUGILL, www.planethugill.com




Baritone Ricardo Panela sang with brilliant and precise tone. (Dvorak, Stabat Mater)

JOHN BROAD, Somerset Gazette

Ricardo Panela, as a traveling salesman (Belcore), turned comic caddishness into astonishing music.



The scheming Doctor Malatesta was roundly portrayed and sung by personable portuguese baritone Ricardo Panela; (...) and they teamed up to rousing effect for the patter duet.